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The Trager® Approach

Trager® is an innovative approach to movement education, created and developed over a lifetime by Milton Trager, M.D.

Milton Trager, MD, spent most of his life exploring the effects of soft and gentle movement on the nervous system, which he linked to the unconscious mind. His discovery became known as Trager or The Trager Approach.  He began working with children with muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis, and his final work was specifically with Parkinson’s disease. He felt this work was particularly helpful with any central nervous system disorders.  He passed on his knowledge and sensitivity to touch to a global body of practitioners.

Trager is for every body and every condition, and will leave you feeling relaxed and well rested after a session.  You will sleep better.  You will have less or no pain during the session.   Each movement is designed with a question, “how could it be”  “what could be lighter” and because it is contagious “you catch it like the measles”  you will catch it from me, 17 years into my practice.   I will teach you how to maintain this feeling for yourself.

A wide variety of clients benefit from this approach, as we learn to love gravity, becoming lighter and more active in our life.  This creates a feeling of youthfulness at any age.  Through rocking, elongating and softly coaxing movement in every joint, every cell, you will recall feelings of playfulness and freedom perhaps not felt since childhood.  Experiencing these feelings at a tissue level, rather than intellectually, is powerful and transformational.  From this deeply relaxed place, structural alignment occurs, the body works in harmony letting go of compenstion patterns, and we realize our full potential once again.

If you have had a recent or past injury that has recently resurfaced, and is being stubborn about healing, together we will find a way to create a new, more pleasurable pattern with the Trager Approach.