October 22, 2017
12p – 5pm
at the All Life Center

Call today to reserve your screens and times:
740-201-8242 /

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.
Appointments for Integrative Physicals fill up quickly.
Drop-ins are also welcome.

Are you interested in being a volunteer?
Are you a Integrative Health Practitioner/Provider interested in offering a screen or screens?
Click here to fill out and submit the Interest Form: Integrative Health Screening Day.

Q & A

What is included in the Integrative Physical?

  • Health History & Risk Reduction Education
  • Physical Exam and Body System Review
  • Blood Pressure Assessments
  • Cholesterol & Glucose (finger-prick testing)
  • Pulse, Oxygen Saturation, Respiration
  • Height, Weight, BMI scales
  • Chiropractic Posture Assessment
  • Behavioral Health Survey
  • Integrative Health Inventories
  • Voucher for free Skin Screening at Universal Dermatology

What other Services, Classes, and Screens are offered? (Drop-In)

There will be a Health Fair available from 12-5pm, with free Screens, Services, Classes, & Information Booths.

  • Cholesterol & Glucose (finger-prick testing)
  • Blood Pressure Assessments
  • Screening for Vascular Circulation Health
  • Screening for Respiratory/Lung Health
  • Health History & Risk Reduction Education
  • Comprehensive Medication/Supplement Reviews
  • Pulse, Oxygen Saturation, Respiration
  • Height, Weight, BMI scales
  • Nutrition & Wellness Assessment
  • Digestion Screening
  • Integrative Health Inventory
  • Shiatsu and Complementary Therapies
  • Dental Health Assessment
  • Bioenergetic Screening
  • Meridian Stress Screening
  • Mini Reiki Sessions

Which are free, out of pocket, or covered by insurance?

All Screens / Services are FREE.

Do I Need to Schedule an Appointment?

No, you can drop in and sign up for screenings at each station. See the list above for the available screenings.

What makes these screening days ‘integrative?’

The care inspired through the All Life Community is based on a 6-domain model of integrative wellness. This day is all about the domain of knowledge! While many of the screens are basic, tried-and-true, traditional health screens there will also be novel, unique, innovative screens to round out the offerings. Participants can also experience Shiatsu, energy therapy, sound therapy, nutritional resources, essential oils, and many other integrative resources.

Why do we offer Free Integrative Health Screenings?

There are so many reasons that people forgo basic preventative health screenings. Some we’ve heard … People live a holistic lifestyle and think themselves too healthy to need a physical. No time. No family doctor. High deductible insurance costs. Fear of raised premiums. Anonymity. Bad experiences with misdiagnosis and/or billing. What reasons do you or your loved ones have? The reality is, there is no good reason to avoid preventative health screenings. The more we know, the more empowered we are.

Within the All Life Community, we are reaching for a new paradigm of preventative healthcare delivery for central Ohio. We believe that knowledge is at the core of wellness and if you do not know basic parameters of your health, then you are more likely to fall victim to preventable health tragedies. These screenings are our way of doing our part to make sure all members of our community participate in regular preventative health screenings and know the basics of their health.

Our novel approach to bringing you these important screens with an integrative, wellness focus will leave you inviting friends and looking forward to the next Integrative Health Screening event. So, there are no more excuses – See you in May and October each year! Please participate and help spread the word.

Can you be completely anonymous and give us no personally-identification information?

Yes! If any screens indicate concerns, you will be given appropriate referrals to follow up with. We do not need to have any information from you for you to participate in the free or out-of-pocket screens.

Can I Donate?

Yes! The more money we raise toward this initiative, the more screens we can offer completely for free! Please consider donating through this secure, online site or in person at the All Life Center.

Can I Volunteer?

Yes! We need volunteers to help as greeters, guides, parking guides, and other general needs for the day. We are also in need of skilled/licensed medical professionals to help with blood pressures, heart rates, finger prick tests, etc. If you are interested and able to help, please email: or call 740-201-8242.

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