My name is Jessica Trickett and I am a trained and experienced Psychic, Medium, Counselor, and Healer. From an early age I became aware of my connection to the spirit world, and began fostering and intentionally developing my natural gifts. I have studied and taken classes to expand my mediumistic abilities in Lily Dale, NY.

With these gifts, I offer psychic, mediumship, or medical intuitive readings, as well as spiritual counseling for people who seek clarity and insight on their life journey. My clients say that their sessions with me bring insight, empowerment, clarity, healing, and a more inclusive perspective on their life journey. Through in person or telephone readings, I will provide you with guidance directly from your spirit team about life issues, health concerns, and/or connect you with loved ones on the spirit side.

I also offer workshops and individual sessions on manifestation where I teach my highly effective, yet simple manifestation technique. I have been studying the Law of Attraction for more than 10 years and have developed this technique from acquired knowledge, experience, and guidance from spirit. The workshop will help you to manifest your desires, create the life you want, and heal relationships and life situations.

I have served in a variety of clinical settings as a professional licensed counselor. I am a certified Karuna and Usui Reiki Master Teacher and have been teaching and providing healing for 10 years. I am an ordained spiritual counselor and a member of Reiki World Ministry. I am also a Certified Yoga Teacher through training at Balanced Yoga University and currently teach yoga for cancer survivors at Mount Carmel Haven of Hope.