Volunteer with the All Life Community Cooperative

The All Life Community is a Non-Profit organization functioning as a co-op. ALC has a Community Outreach program, which offers vital community services. These services could not happen without the generous help of our amazing team of over 80 volunteers! Please consider volunteering with us. Below, you will find a list of events where we need volunteers, and also ways you can volunteer at the All Life Center whenever you can. We plan to host a Volunteer Appreciation Day at least once per year, to thank you for all your hard work!

Our Wishlist
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ALC Volunteer Needs

Ongoing Volunteer Needs 

  • Honey Do List in Kitchen at ALC: these everyday & weekly tasks keep the Center beautiful and running smoothly. Pick 1 or 2 to help out when you have free time.
  • Donations of everyday supplies: eco-friendly laundry detergent / dishwasher detergent / dish soap, tea, coffee, local honey, Kleenex, paper towels, bird food, etc. (We will keep an updated Wishlist in the Kitchen).
  • Help with monthly full moon drumming: Be a greeter, help with parking, help with set up/take down, help facilitate the person leading the drumming.

Upcoming Open Houses

  • Sunday, October 1st, 2017 (3:30-6:30pm)
  • Sunday, December 17th – Holiday Retail Bazaar!
  • Promote the event: hand out brochures, post & share on social media /email lists, Assist with set-up or clean-up, Be a Greeter at the door during event, Be a Greeter in the parking area, Bring snacks for the event.

Integrative Health Screening Day 

(a day of free integrative health screenings & services for anyone who needs them)

  • Saturday, October 22st, 2017 (time TBD, tentatively 12-5pm)
  • Late April 2018
  • Raise awareness & promote the event (social media, distribute flyers, email lists, etc)
  • Obtain donations of healthy snacks from local stores/restaurants for the event
  • Be an Event Volunteer:
  • Licensed, skilled Practitioners: Nurses, Doctors, Audiologists, Dermatologists, Nutrition / Dietary Professionals, Optometrists, Mental Health Professionals, & others.
  • ALC Team Assessment Consultants
  • Health Fair Providers (Services, Health Screenings, Info Booths)
  • Guides (guide Guests throughout the grounds; answer questions)
  • Parking Greeters
  • Bring healthy snacks
  • Assist with set-up or clean-up

Volunteer Appreciation Day

  • February 2018:  Thank our Volunteers for all their generous work! We put together gift bags, relaxation/healing/spa services, and delicious treats. Feel free to contribute to any of those or offer your ideas for ways to thank our volunteer team!

If you would like to volunteer or have ideas of community resources to assist with these needs, please contact our Community Outreach Coordinator at tsdean@alllifecenter.org or 740-201-8242. Thank you!

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