Our History


The Integrative Model

Shared inspirations and collective visioning over lifetimes, generations and decades led to the formation of the All Life Community. So many of have held notions of a collaborative community and center. It is with all this quiet manifesting momentum that we all called such a cooperative effort into being. As stewards of this process and the sacred land the All Life Center occupies, Judith Hook and Melinda Cooksey founded the All Life Community in July 2013.

Dr. Melinda Cooksey began organizing her first integrative center in 2002. Columbus Comprehensive Health Center (CCHC) was located in Upper Arlington, Ohio. The CCHC group grew to 28 practitioners all sharing space and focusing on team-based care. CCHC’s integrative model drew the interest of the Primary Care Network at Ohio State so that medical students could learn within this model. This led to the acquisition of CCHC by OSU. In 2005, the OSU Center for Integrative Medicine opened.

In 2006, Your-Center was created linking together practitioners and resources. Your-Center created a virtual community of like-minded professionals and a valuable resource pool for the greater central Ohio community needing health and wellness services. Your-Center took the idea of a bricks-and-mortar facility with many practitioners all ‘under one roof’ and instead created collaborative integrative community among practitioners all throughout central Ohio. This expanded concept better met the needs of prospective patients/clients/students by providing resource in their neighborhoods instead of just at one elite location in town. It also better met the needs of wellness practitioners by honoring the culture of small business ownership and autonomy and highlighting the existing facilities and private practices operating throughout central Ohio.

In 2013, the community that Your-Center sought to organize came together with the formal establishment of the board-driven cooperative, the All Life Community. The opening of the doors at the All Life Center represented the metaphorical opening of many doors for our professional members/partners and our broader community. We continue to embrace an expanded version of the same integrative model used at CCHC and the same community-wide resourcing of Your-Center.

The ALC is a growing community, currently of over 180 members (Providers and Partners), all diversely serving their communities and supporting aspects of wellness, sustainability, education and the arts. About 20% of our members use the amazing 24-acre All Life Center as a full-time or part-time practice site or sporadically for classes, workshops, and other special events. The majority of ALC members are spread throughout central Ohio contributing to our vast resource network. There are dozen of benefits to joining the All Life Community and over 100 services that ALC Providers/Partners provide the central Ohio community at large.

The Property

The land at the corner of Hyatts Road (CR 123) and State Route 23 (Columbus Pike) in Lewis Center / southern Delaware county has rich Native American history. It is believed that the Indian caverns run under the property and were used in the underground railroad bringing the slaves to shelters on farm properties. The original foundation of the property goes back to a mid-1800’s hunting cabin. This land saw hunting and farming until the mid-1900’s. In the 1930s, the ranch house was built upon the original foundation. The property has hosted families and undergone various renovations until its rezoning to a public commercial space began in 2013.

Today, the All Life Community, a nonprofit community cooperative, collectively supports and sustains the property and grounds making this inspired place available to the public for generations to come. The All Life Center for Integrative Well Being offers integrative health services, classes and resources and acts as the organizational hub for the broader network of integrative professionals throughout central Ohio within the All Life Community. The center’s common areas and grounds are available for the public to enjoy during business hours.

Founding Members

The All Life Community was founded in July of 2013. During our first year, the following listing of Providers/Partners became the first to rally behind the purpose of the ALC through their participation, inspiration, collaboration and support. Thank you to this inaugural group!

Jen Barbosa
Angela Barton
Bhakti Mammas
Canonico Photography
Melinda Cooksey
Crafty by Nature
Maggie Ervin
Judy Fasone
Iggy Garcia
Sarah Goetz
Jennifer Hambrick
Maggie Hardin
Hina Environmental Services
Carisa Holmes
Judith Hook
Jennifer Olejownik
Dale Johnson
Karen Jones
Deb Joseph
Key Bank
Christine Kunk
Tony Leo
Cherie Mannino
Polly Morgan
Jill Nielson-Farrell
Natural Awakenings Magazine
David Nesmith
Jennifer Olejownik
Dave Powers
Dan Schellkopf
Martie Schoener
Melinda Schumacher
Tia Shields-Dean
Kathy Shipley
Frank Tennyson
Germayne Tizzano
Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute
Laurie Scoblionko
Karen Stuart
Blandy Taylor
Fiona Travis
Caren Truske
Victoria Vetere
Robin Volker
Sue Wagner
Susan Wilhelm