Our Core Values


Cooperative Organization

We are a cooperative of independent, holistically minded practitioners, educators, artists and service providers who believe in the enrichment of the mind, body and soul of our community. A co-op is a collective of people who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual social, economic, cultural and health benefit and to be of service to the community at large. While each ALC member is an autonomous business owner, our co-op fosters an environment of collaboration. Within the ALC, all professionals enjoy the support of others and thus provide the best possible experiences for their clients/patients/students/guests.

The ALC is based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, authenticity, compassion and solidarity.
We exist first for the practitioners, artists, educators and service providers that are our Providers and Partners. The founding goal of the ALC is to be a place of inspiration, empowerment, and opportunity for these professionals. We believe that there is more than enough good for the entire community and that working together we can create far more good than any one of us could on our own.

Provider/Partner-Based Operation

It is not the intention of the ALC to physically gather a group of practitioners in select fields. ALC does not solicit participation. Rather, our providers and partners self-select to be part of the community and the ALC resources them and their activities wherever they are throughout central Ohio.

The ALC serves the broader central Ohio community by providing these pooled resources of our Providers/Partners and an Integrative Model for better understanding and accessing the unique gifts each of our Providers/Partners have to offer. While the ALC does not directly provide any health or wellness services, we do provide resources for integrative healthcare, the arts, and holistic living by highlighting the practices, offerings, and talents of our professional Providers/Partners.


Equal exchange, the natural, unimpeded flow of energy between a sending point and a receiving point, is a fundamental driving force of life. The Law of Exchange says that an exchange of energy must happen in order for us to receive, and that we receive in accordance with how invested we are in this exchange process.

When the exchange is unbalanced, dysfunction results. A one-sided exchange can impede the receiver from receiving fully and can tap out the giver, restricting flow. In other words, you get what you give.

A balanced exchange allows for the free flow of giving and receiving, strengthening the connection and allowing more energy to flow.