Our Community Outreach


All Life is a nonprofit community cooperative with over 170 members, each diversely serving their communities and supporting aspects of wellness, sustainability, family/home, education and the arts. Our members are spread throughout central Ohio contributing to ALC’s vast resource network. Activities and outreach provided by the All Life Community and at our All Life Center are inspired, initiated and carried through by ALC members. Members join our cooperative to be part of the collaboration, resource and outreach that we accomplish together collectively as a whole.

ALC is entirely funded by 1) memberships, 2) private donations and 3) space usage fees. Some of our members use our All Life Center as a full-time or part-time practice site or sporadically for classes, workshops, and other special events.

All of our resources go directly back into our mission of providing inspiration, integration and collaboration for our community. Our director, board of directors, Member Council and Land Council volunteer as stewards of the ALC mission.

While we are a Nonprofit organization, our tax exempt 501c3 status is still pending. Despite this, ALC is engaged in the following charitable community outreach activities. These initiatives are free and for public. They are currently funded by ALC’s general funds and volunteer efforts.


Integrative Health Screening Days are biannual opportunities for the public to come and get free health screenings. We bring together professionals offering physicals, cholesterol tests, diabetes tests, hearing tests, postural tests, lifestyle inventories, mental health screens, cardiovascular screens, and more. People are able to get this important health information anonymously if they choose and for free. They are also able to enjoy the beautiful 24-acres of the All Life Center and experience free classes from our members (yoga, meditation, health insurance information, integrative health care, skin care, tai chi, etc.) as well as free services like massage, reflexology, essential oils and acupuncture. The entire day is free and open to the public. We currently fund this initiative from fundraisers held throughout the year and volunteer support.

Our Integrative Resource Initiative is a volunteer group of over 80 ALC members that participate in professional dialogue and resourcing for community questions. ALC members act as ambassadors of their specific fields and share directly in providing community-wide resource. The IRI pools together the expertise of our diverse array of health and well being practitioners and educators and makes it available and accessible to the public. From this collective of professional minds come simplified community-wide referrals, personalized input and opportunities for creating integrative treatment teams.

Nonprofit Engagement Program – Because of the beautiful environment of our All Life Center and the collective expertise of our members, we have been approached from the beginning by local organizations that would like to use our facility and/or members for fundraisers, support groups, meetings, retreats, etc. To meet this expressed need, we developed our Nonprofit Engagement Program wherein ALC gifts these local organizations an appropriate level of membership allowing them to use our spaces, benefit from our resources and contribute to the collective ALC whole. Currently we have 19 organizations we partner with in this manner.

Developmental Days are ongoing opportunities organized by All Life to support Developmental Disabilities of Ohio. ALC donates use of appropriate areas in the center and members donate their time to provide free informational and experiential classes for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Monthly Full Moon Drummings are regular monthly events open for free to the public. The land that the All Life Center occupies has deep Native American roots and we honor this by educating the community about those Native traditions. During warm-weather months we gather outside by a fire. During the winter months we hold them fireside indoors. Members of ALC learned in these traditions volunteer their time to facilitate each monthly drumming event. ALC has drums and instruments available for everyone to enjoy. We also offer complementary beverages.

The beautiful Medicinal Herb Gardens at the All Life Center were a member-inspired educational and practical tribute to the local, indigenous medicinal herbs that grow around us all every day here in central Ohio. ALC members volunteer the care of the 8 raised-bed garden and then harvest the herbs using traditional harvesting practices and make them available in teas, tinctures and salves for sale the All Life Center. The miniscule amount charged for these items goes back into maintenance of the gardens. The remainder of funds needed to care for the garden comes from ALC’s general funds. The garden is free and open to the public to enjoy. We have created educational self-tour booklets for people to use to learn about the local herbs, their cultivation and uses.

ALC Members have proposed the following ideas for adding to our outreach. We currently do not have resources to administrate and launch these programs and are unable to apply for appropriate grant opportunities without of 501c3 status. As our ability to fund more outreach grows, these endeavors are at the top of the list!

    • Community Clinic
    • Scholarships
    • Integrative Health Inventories

The Community Clinic Program is a proposed idea to provide monthly, free access to wellness services and support provided by ALC members at the All Life Center. ALC can donate use of the facility and we have many members willing to volunteer their services, but it is not sustainable to provide such an ongoing volunteer-dependent program on a regular basis for the community. We have seen grants that could be hopeful funding sources to provide providers with a stipend for providing their given wellness service on a regular basis and administrative time for coordinating an ongoing, free community clinic. With 501c3 status we would be able to apply for these grants and formalize this Community Clinic Program.

The establishment of a Scholarship Program will help make integrative wellness services, classes, programs and out-of-pocket therapies more accessible to people that need them. For many, financial resources are a barrier to seeking the help and services they need most. To date, the answer has been pro bono offerings and discounted services but this is not sustainable for the field of wellness professionals. We would like to create a scholarship fund that people could apply for assistance from based on their financial need. The YMCA and other established community organizations have been successful implementing such programs. All Life will serve our community at large better once we have proper 501c3 determination allowing for deductable donations and grant funding for this initiative.

We offer free Integrative Health Inventories at our health screening days as part of the complete physical. It is an educational conversation with a trained ALC member that is part of our Integrative Resource Initiative. These conversations allow the person to evaluate how they are distributing their resources across the 6 domains of integrative medicine (Mindy/Body, Mechanics, Biology, Energy, Beliefs, Knowledge). Usually people have domains they over-attend to and others they ignore. We offer a more extended version of this conversation over a 2 session process for $123, wherein the trained ALC member goes deeper into the person’s health history and then gets feedback from the other Integrative Resource Initiative members about how their fields may apply to their person’s case. Then this more personalize, focused information is applied to the 6 domain educational conversation to help the person create a clear road map of how to address their needs. We would like to make this educational service free to the public.FANCY HORIZONTAL RULE