We are a non-profit community cooperative facilitating inspiration, integration and collaboration among independent, like-minded professionals who are passionate about enriching the mind, body, and soul of our community. Collaboratively, we can provide for our greater Central Ohio community, and each other, in a way not one of us could alone.

It is not necessary to join the All Life Community to avail yourself of the services offered by our professional members and partners. We thank you for your participation!

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Integrative Health Screenings


by Carisa Holmes  When is the last time you had your basic preventative health screenings? Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle or have had negative experiences with health care providers in the past, it is critical to get screened … Continue reading →

The Compassionate Witness

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by Carisa Holmes When we choose to be a compassionate witness, we stand and observe – without judgement, intervention or intercession – as another moves through an intense emotional experience. And while the person being witnessed is not asking to … Continue reading →