We are a non-profit community cooperative facilitating inspiration, integration and collaboration among independent, like-minded professionals who are passionate about enriching the mind, body, and soul of our community. Collaboratively, we can provide for our greater Central Ohio community, and each other, in a way not one of us could alone.

It is not necessary to join the All Life Community to avail yourself of the services offered by our professional members and partners. We thank you for your participation!

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Medicinal of the Month


by Carisa Holmes  Lysimachia Nummularia, or Moneywort, is known by many names, such as Herb Twopence, Creeping Jenny, Creeping Charlie, Wandering Jenny, Running Jenny, Twopenny Grass, Meadow Runagates, String of Sovereigns, and Serpentaria. As the name Creeping Jenny suggests, this … Continue reading →

We are Wired for Sound

tribal drum

by Carisa Holmes Before the culture of therapy, before pharmaceuticals, and before Google became our go-to resource for nearly everything, we had our tribe and our music. For millenia, music was central to the health of the tribe. All members … Continue reading →